A Note about holidays

I'm not available for work the following days:

  • Easter
  • All of july
  • A week in autumn
  • Christmas / New year

Opening hours:

Mon-Thu: 10-18
Friday: 10-12
Sat-Sun: Closed

I am

Martin Fredskov

And I invite YOU to go explore my universe of illustrations and world building. Read along and I will tell you the story of how I got here...

Ongoing projects

Discontinued projects

Who is Martin Fredskov?

I am Martin Fredskov, a graphic designer and illustrator in my early 30s from Denmark. Fredskov.com is dedicated to showing off my personal art projects.

The lot of my personal projects have never seen a permanent home, and this is an attempt at giving them one, to not leave them forgotten in a file folder.

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